When we let our imaginations run free, it shifts how we see ourselves and the world around us. Refinery29 invites you to explore beyond perceived reality and first appearances. Awaken a new mysterious and playful universe within 29Rooms by activating the 29th Dimension.

Throughout the 29Rooms venue, three distinct images are hidden in plain sight. Each of these images contains a digital key to the 29th Dimension.

FBAR_LandingPageGraphic-05 (1).png
  • Scan the image with your phone camera to download the digital key. Your cosmic key will automatically appear inside Instagram!

  • Find the physical portal that corresponds to the color of each key - you’ll encounter these throughout the 29Rooms space.

  • Pair a digital key with the corresponding portals to discover cosmic surprises!

    Expand Your Reality by finding all three of these exclusive AR experience, available only at 29Rooms LA.