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In Collaboration with Alexa Meade

Our lives are works of art, and we are the artists in charge of their composition. Every decision marks a new color added to our palette. Each fleeting moment, another brushstroke. Subjects and backgrounds come in and out of focus as our journey changes and unfolds. Whether abstract or expressive, minimal or conceptual, no matter your style, never forget you are a masterpiece in progress. @alexameadeart


In Collaboration with The Art Of Elysium

Therapeutic in nature, art can change your outlook, your mindset, and ultimately your life. Creating hope and positivity, it lifts even the highest of spirits even higher. Pick up a brush, your tool for triumph, and start to paint your worries away. Use this inspiration as momentum, and celebrate the joy and exhilaration of painting. @theartofelysium #ArtHeals


In Collaboration with Lizzo

Music acting as fuel, dancing is how our spirits get a little exercise. An intimate and collective experience all at once, be in your own head while feeding off the energy of the group. Together we become one giant ensemble, turning our moves into art. We invite you to listen to Lizzo and escape from it all for a short while. Hit the dance floor and join us in this silent disco. @lizzobeeating



In Collaboration with Kate Moross

Pride is not just an LGBTQIA parade. It’s a daily commitment to loving yourself and whomever you damn well please. Each stripe of the rainbow flag carries a powerful, universal meaning: red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, blue for art, and violet for the human spirit. Show your true colors under the archway in the name of love is love. @KateMoross


In Collaboration with JeeYoung Lee

Courageous creativity is our biggest ally as we venture out into the world and hit the high seas. With the wind at our backs, we set sail on the open waters of potential, knowing no matter where we anchor ourselves, our possibilities are limitless. Reflect on your own journey as you enter this ocean of creativity crafted entirely from salvaged materials, and welcome the unknown. @jee_young_lee


In Collaboration with Jake Gyllenhaal

Through roadblocks and hurdles, challenges and setbacks, the true strength of the human spirit lies in our ability to persevere and overcome. Inspired by a universal message of resilience and renewal available to anyone, in this space, we invite you to take whatever is weighing you down and turn it into art. Shred the past, let it go, and come out stronger. 


In Collaboration with Madame Gandhi and Jen Mussari

Every one of us is significant, but united we are stronger. Together we can make louder echoes, larger ripples, and bigger footprints. We must stand together, not apart, and turn our frustrations into art. Take yours out on the punching bags, and listen as together we create a beautiful symphony of sounds. @madamegandhi @jenmussari


In Collaboration with Women’s March

Truth-tellers by nature, artists have always had an obligation to capture the current zeitgeist. Whether visual or performing, we believe art can be a catalyst for movement and social change. Now more than ever we need to channel our creativity, unite, and use the power of our voices. Today is the day to let yours be heard. @WomensMarch @AmplifierArt


In Collaboration with Ashlee Haze, Jonathan Rosen, and Wallplay

With unique characteristics, flaws, and quirks, each body is magnificent in its own way, but these vessels don’t define who we are as people. They don’t contribute to or diminish our self-worth. Whether we love, hate, or feel neutral towards our bodies, that doesn’t make us any less “us.” We accept our bodies at any size, state, or shape. We know we are worthy, we are enough, and we can just be. @ashleehaze @jonathanrosen_art @wallplayground


In Collaboration with Wesley Allsbrook (and HANDSHANDSHANDS)

Step into a landscape imagined, drawn, and animated in virtual reality. Press your face against a phantasmagorical picture window looking out on a world that does not exist. Peer into 100 megabytes of perishing paradise. A collection of panoramic perspectives make up this geographically transcendent environment known as a Cosmorama. This is Cosmoramarama. @wesleyallsbrook


In Collaboration with Juno Calypso and Darby Walker

A vivid memory, a sweet escape, a window into our subconscious. As fascinating as they are, the origins of our dreams remain shrouded in mystery. Enter this surreal speakeasy, grab a seat, and watch as this fiery and ethereal siren turns yours into art. @junocalypso @darbyannewalker


In Collaboration with Maisie Cousins

With both yonic and phallic attributes, fertile flowers and flora have long been drenched with sexual symbolism. In this multi-sensory experience, Maisie Cousins blurs the lines between sex, art, and nature and invites you to step up and inside their orchid pods to take your senses on an erotic thrill ride. @maisiecousins


In Partnership with the Häagen-Dazs® brand

Welcome to a wonder-filled world of larger-than-life Häagen-Dazs® TRIO Crispy Layers Ice Cream. Take a sneak peek inside, where smooth curves of vanilla ice cream tower overhead, cracked white chocolate is underfoot, and a bed of creamy caramel awaits. In this total immersion, experience the ultimate indulgence of the five senses. Is your mouth watering yet?
HÄAGEN-DAZS® is used under license. © HDIP, Inc. @haagendazs_us


In Collaboration with Cleo Wade

Every single person deserves to take up space, to be bold, to love, and to be loved in return. So let your light be big; don’t shrink from it. Take this light and shine it in life’s dark places. Generate joy, channel it, and share it. Root for each other, grow with each other, and see each other. Leave this safe space an agent of love. @cleowade


In Collaboration with Marina Fini

In the face of oppression, our own happiness can be the ultimate form of resistance. From raucous parades to the vibrancy of the rainbow flag, the LGBTQIA+ community has a long history of using celebration and self-expression as unapologetic protest. On the 40th anniversary of the rainbow flag’s creation, bliss out on our color therapy parade route and set your true self free on a rainbow Pride Float set above the clouds. @marinafini


In Collaboration with Planned Parenthood

Offering compassionate assistance, Planned Parenthood is a helping hand to all who have nowhere else to turn. Listen to the stories of those who’ve been touched by this organization, and stand with the millions of women who Planned Parenthood could continue to help. @plannedparenthood


In Partnership with Pure Leaf

Experience the artful process behind each bottle of Pure Leaf real-brewed iced tea. In this multisensory installation, sample two new Pure Leaf Tea House Collection flavors — Spiced Chai and Strawberry & Garden Mint — then step into a color-filled iced tea infusion. Discover a space of pure light, sound, scent, and refreshment where flavor is your ultimate filter. @PureLeaf


In Partnership with Bravo

Ready for an escape? In this three-part installation — inspired by Bravo’s Below Deck Mediterranean, Vanderpump Rules, and Southern Charm — you can playfully immerse yourself in the entertaining world of Bravo. Whether you’re looking for adventure, fun, or glamour, you’ll find it here. And any time you need an escape, tune in to Bravo. @BravoTV


In Collaboration with JUCO

Though seemingly random, all things, seen and unseen, are connected. We are intrinsically linked to everything in the world around us, though we often can’t visualize the connections. Step into this space, activate your aura, and start to see the unseeable. @jucophoto



In Collaboration with Paul Feig and Anna Kendrick for A Simple Favor

Inspired by the upcoming film A Simple Favor, directed by Paul Feig, this room is powered by the universal truth that everyone has secrets. Inside, you will experience the fragmented profiles and voices of the main characters, played by Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively, as they reveal some of their darkest secrets and invite you to dive deeper into the mystery by sharing your own secrets. Photography by Tim Palen. @paulfeig @annakendrick47 @asimplefavor


In Collaboration with Janelle Monáe

Through the weaponization of technology, mass surveillance, and cultural uniformity, many argue that modern society is waging an invisible war against us all. Now more than ever, it’s crucial that we explore our own complex humanity, document injustice, and fight for our freedom. In this installation, step into the ranks of this surreal army of surveillance as you're watched, recorded, and transmitted. Take creative control of their gaze and turn your liberation into art. @janellemonae


In Collaboration with Demi Lovato

We all have our own form of battle scars, a reminder of what we’ve overcome. Inspired by Demi’s own tattoos that celebrate her resilience, step into this temporary tattoo parlor and turn your personal journey into art. Adorn yourself with a message of courage and self-confidence, and let your ink empower you to move forward in the face of any challenge. @ddlovato


In Collaboration with Jill Soloway's Topple and Xavier Schipani

We arrive at our understanding of gender introspectively. Our awareness is sometimes tentative, sometimes bold, and sometimes fluid. From feeling to thought to whisper to a clear and ringing voice: “This is me.” Enter each stall and listen to those who’ve embarked on their own journey across the spectrum of gender, as they share their most intimate moments of self-discovery. @jillsoloway @topple @xavierschipani


In Collaboration with Emma Roberts and Belletrist

Storytelling is a necessary part of the human experience and a valuable form of self-expression. It is important that we keep the art of storytelling alive, and it is with this mission that Emma Roberts and Karah Preiss created Belletrist, a community for readers and authors to celebrate books and the stories within them. To continue this tradition, we invite you to take your stories and turn them into art. @emmaroberts @belletrist


In Collaboration with Jessica Alba for Baby2Baby

It's hard to imagine, but one in three mothers in the U.S. struggle to provide diapers for their babies. Baby2Baby envisions a world where every child is given the essentials they need to survive and thrive. In this room, we welcome you to meander through a peaceful, storybook landscape of trees, rolling hills, forest animals, and a cloud-filled sky and — in the process — discover the importance of Baby2Baby's larger mission: to provide low-income children with diapers, clothing, and all the basic necessities that every child deserves. @jessicaalba @baby2baby


In Collaboration with Chloe x Halle and Benjamin Shine

There are few things stronger than the bond sisters share with each other. Whether it’s forged at birth or blossomed through friendship, all women share this connectivity, this feeling of being a sister to one another. It grows stronger through laughter and stays steadfast though tears. Unbreakable, unwavering, and unending, it has the power to unite and the strength to help us overcome. @chloexhalle @benjaminshinestudio


29 - The 29Rooms Collection

Designed for dreamers, risk-takers, and creative explorers, this collection lets you turn every day into art long after you leave 29Rooms. And with a portion of proceeds going to Step Up (a nonprofit empowering young women in under-resourced communities), you can feel good about looking good. @Refinery29

And more experiences to explore!

Color My World
In Partnership with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Spark

The artist's studio is an environment where inspiration, creativity, and color collide. Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Spark invite you to color your world and step inside a San Francisco artist’s studio, a transformative space where you not only make the art, you become it.
@adobespark @lightroom

Powering Prosperity
In Partnership with Intuit

Chase your dream, embrace your hustle, power your prosperity. Intuit is here to engage your aspirations and invites you to explore our wall of inspiration, which holds quotes from some of the most esteemed women in the world. Harness your hustle and empower your fellow dream-chasers by also adding what prosperity means to you. @intuit

Water Works
In Partnership with LANEIGE

Make a splash, feel the rush, and reveal your natural glow. LANEIGE invites you to immerse yourself in a beautiful work of art and water where the ingredients are larger than life and hydration is everlasting. @laneige_us

Artists And Collaborators


Alexa Meade

Art of Elysium

Ashlee Haze

Benjamin Shine

Chloe x Halle

Cleo Wade

Emma Roberts
and her Belletrist book community


Jake Gyllenhaal

Janelle Monae

JeeYoung Lee

Jen Mussari

Jill Soloway
and their production company Topple

Jonathan Rosen


Juno Calypso

Luke Choice

Madame Gandhi

Maisie Cousins

Planned Parenthood


Women's March

Xavier Schipani