“Take a look at this year’s 29Rooms,
the most amazing one yet”
- Time Out New York


Yara Shahidi and Kali Uchis on How They Do Good Deeds

WWD - 9.6.2018

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29Rooms Returns to New York With a Photo-Ready Mix of Art, Ads, and Activism—See 3 Highlights Here

ArtNet - 9.7.2018

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Fashionable Fun for NYC Fashion Week

NBC News - 9.2018

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“Refinery29’s Visually Stunning
29Rooms Is Back”

- AdWeek


Take a look at this year’s 29Rooms, the most amazing one yet

Time Out New York - 9.6.2018

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Refinery29’s Visually Stunning 29Rooms Is Back, and Here’s a Look at Every Single One

AdWeek - 9.7.2018

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Instagram playground: Inside the space created just for taking photos

ABC News Nightline - 10.8.2018

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“29Rooms is more than just a selfie nirvana:  It's a discovery zone destined to give you the feels.”
- Time Out New York


The Art Show Designed With Instagram in Mind, 29Rooms Returns With a Surprising Dose of Activism

Art Net - 9.8.17

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29Rooms Is a Creative Playhouse for the Instagram Set

The New York Times - 9.6.17

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Refinery29's 29Rooms Makes Its Way to the West Coast

WWD - 12.6.17

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“... an artistic feast for the senses”
- The Chicago Sun Times


Jake Gyllenhaal Wants You to Shred Up Your Woes at His New Art Installation

The Hollywood Reporter - 9.8.17

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Janelle Monae explores surveillance in her 1st art exhibit.

Associated Press - 12.8.17

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Refinery29's Immersive Funhouse-Meets-Museum Brings the Digitally Native Brand to Life.

AdWeek - 9.8.17

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“29Rooms is a creative playhouse for the Instagram set.”
- The New York Times