Uzumaki Cepeda

Through my art, I often engage with memories and desires. My dreams of wanting to relive childhood and to reshape it is partly why I work with everyday objects and transform them. I am from the Bronx in NYC but I’ve moved around a lot in my life. This lack of stability and the reality of living in low-income housing put me in many difficult situations and exposed me to both the beauty and the pain of it all. I make the art I make because it is what has sustained my spirit throughout the years and it brings positivity to my surroundings. I am a woman from the Dominican Republic and this heavily influences my work. From my photography of inner city life to the countryside of my island, to the setups I create in my faux fur installations, it’s all rooted in my experiences. I am an artist which means I’m a visual storyteller. The bright bold colors of my work reflecting the innocence of childhood and the loud palette of bodegas and fresh acrylic nails, among other things. I create and express as I piece together who I am within this world, that in the meantime, I am coating in soft faux fur.

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